Unlock the full potential of your server by getting unrestricted access to all Cakey Bot’s features.


$79.99 ONE-TIME

Ever wanted a Cakey Bot premium subscription but didn't want to deal with that pesky monthly subscription? Now you can have a LIFETIME premium plan!

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Server Premium

Subscribing to this plan allows you to apply Cakey Bot Premium to 1x Discord servers. Features included are listed below in the plan comparisons.

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User Premium

Subscribing to this plan grants you User Premium perks which are applied automatically and only work on your account. Features included are listed in the plan comparisons.

$1.99per month

Monthly Yearly

Custom Bot

Subscribing to this plan grants you access to Custom Bot services. This allows you to have access to all of Cakey Bots powerful and unqiue features while using YOUR own custom Profile Picture, Username and Bio on the bot! Custom Bot services also includes Server Premium for every Custom Bot bot!

$9.99per month

Monthly Yearly

Plan Comparison

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Cakey Bot features


Always Free

User Premium


Server Premium


Custom Bot

# of Servers Unlimited Unlimited 1/per* 1/per*
Unlimited RSS/Social Feeds 1+** 1+**
Unlimited Songs in Music Queue Up To 50
Unlimited Spotify/Custom Playlist Sizes Up To 50
Custom Music EQ
EQ Preset Filters
Vaporwave/Nightcore Filters
Premium Discord Role
Custom Join/Leave Banner Images
Custom `/query` Images
Premium Placeholders
Multiple Music Bots
Auto Responder & Custom Command Embeds
Custom Boost Announcements
24/7 Music
Access to Reddit Social Feeds
Chat Bot AI Requests 20 requests 500+ requests†† 500+ requests††
Custom Chat Bot AI API Key §
Custom Bot Profile Picture
Custom Bot Username
Custom Bot Bio
Better Performance
†This includes other custom preset filter types like Reverb and Echo.
††Starts at 500 requests per month per server. Additional requests can be purchased separately.
§Custom token is not required. Customer must provide the custom token from OpenAI.
*Starts at 1 server per plan, multiple purchases (or larger plans) increases the number of servers.
**FREE plan users can setup 1 social feed of each type (i.e. 1 YouTube, 1 Twitch)

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.
Cakey Bot Premium is a subscription that takes your experience with Cakey Bot to the next level. It includes unlimited music queues/playlists, customizable banners for join/leave announcements, unlimited RSS feeds, access to the premium placeholders and more to come.
Server premium is applied to every user in the server it's applied to and gives access to guild-specific features like auto responder embeds and Reddit feeds. User premium allows a user to use premium commands and features like music filters in ANY server that contains Cakey Bot, even if the server does not have premium.