About Cakey Bot

Cakey Bot is a fully customizable bot for your discord server that uses an easy to use web dashboard as well as an extremely easy to use !setting command. Cakey Bot was built to be like the popular bot Dyno but better as well as combining the powerful features of the popular Rythm bot. We are always adding new features and trying to improve the bot. If you have suggestions join our discord server.


AFK Messages - Allow users to set an AFK message so other users know when someone is AFK and when they'll be back.
Audit Log - Advanced log for all actions performed on your discord server and users.
Announcements - Customizable join/leave/ban/kick messages. Supports using image banners. (Embed variants coming soon)
Auto Moderation - Advanced and fully configurable via our web dashboard.
Auto Quoter - Automatically quote messages in discord when a URL is posted to that mmessage.
Auto Roles - Give users roles automatically when they join your server.
Auto Responder/Custom Commands - Have Cakey Bot respond to custom text triggers or custom defined commands.
Emoji Management - Easily add, remove and update the emoji in your guild with one simple command.
Equalizer - Powerful equalizer tools for music playback so you can listen to your music the way you want to.
Games - Fun games to make your server cool and entertain your players.
Github Code Previewer - Automatically view a section of code directly in Discord when a github URL is posted.
Giveaways - Host giveaways and reward your users with fancy prizes!
IMDB/Trailer Lookups - Lookup popular movie trailers and detailed movie/tv show information and stats.
Info - Display useful information and statistics about guilds, users, channels, emojis and roles.
Localization - Cakey Bot supports over 10 different languages! Use Cakey Bot in your preffered language.
Moderation - Contains powerful moderation tools to keep your server in check and running smoothly.
Music - Play music from Youtube, Youtube Livestreams, Twitch, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Vlare.tv, Direct URL/Web File and Spotify in your server. Contains tons of powerful commands to control your music.
Persistent Roles - Powerful feature to prevent mute evasion or to let moderators/admins test features without losing their roles when rejoining.
Reminders - Useful to way to remember a list of stuff to do directly in Discord.
Roleplay - Simple commands that are great for roleplay servers.
Role Management - Easy to use commands to update and manage the roles in your server.
Self Roles - Allow users to easily assign roles that you choose to themselves. Great for gaming Discords.
Song Request Channel - Automatically play music by posting messages/URLs and have a live-updating queue directly in the channel. You can also control music playback using reactions!
Text Manipulation - Various commands to modify and manipulate text strings or post pre-defined strings.
Image Manipulation - Various commands to modify and manipulate images.
Utilities - Various utilies and tools to help with managing your discord server and your members.
Verification Role - Useful feature to help prevent raids and bot attacks on your Discord. Have users verify themselves before they can talk.