Why Premium?

Cakey Bot was designed to give users a premium, non-buggy, highly customizable bot but without any advertisements or paywalls. This is great for you guys, the users like you don't have to pay for simple commands or features like volume. However, this also means Cakey Bot isn't gaining income to cover costs. In order to keep Cakey Bot running we depend on donations and contributions from you guys to keep the servers running. Since all of Cakey Bot's features are free and available to every user, we don't have much to give in return other than our appreciation and a few other minor perks listed to the right.

All donations go directly to paying for the hardware that Cakey Bot runs on. If donations ever exceed the cost of hardware, the remaining funds will go to other costs such as the domain name, SSL certificates or advertising the bot.

Top Donators

  • 𝑰𝑮#1337
  • enderandrew#1588
  • Lukasfu#3007
  • Casper#9999
  • Bruce#5985
  • Marcel2508#9095
  • ClashwithAb#8884

Premium Perks

  • Custom Join/Leave Banner Images
  • Custom !query Banner Images
  • More Auto Delete Filters (5 => Unlimited)
  • More Auto Messages (3 => Unlimited)
  • Higher Music Queue Song limit (50 => Unlimited)
  • Load Larger Music Playlists (50 => Unlimited)
  • More RSS Feeds (3 => Unlimited)
  • Access to {dm} placeholders in Custom commands/Auto Responder